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Medieval MSS from the Grolier Collection


In 1952 the Grolier club sent a traveling exhibit around the country titled the "Magic Carpet on Wheels" an exhibit of items from reading history that included Medieval Manuscripts. In 1955 St. Louis Public Library purchased most of the items in this exhibit.

Collection Items

Grolier 11
Hebrew manuscript scroll on vellum; 17th or 18th century

This is a quite recent example of an ancient form of book. Hebrew manuscripts of The Book of Esther are still traditionally made into scrolls, which are read by unrolling the text from theā€¦

Grolier 50
Illuminated manuscript on vellum, French, c.1415

Grolier 47
Illuminated manuscript on vellum, English, early 15th century

Grolier 15
Medieval Manuscript in Latin, on vellum, late 13th- early 14th century
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